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"EvaluSys is an easy way for any business advisor to uncover new, actionable strategies that will improve their client's business performance."
-Sherry Sutton

Providing Valuable Insight for Smart Business

EvaluSys delivers valuable insight through the automation of evaluations used by business advisors, marketing & sales professionals, and anyone seeking to automate a discovery process.  The EvaluSys Evaluation Platform is uniquely capable of collecting and analyzing subject responses and responding with highly personalized recommendations. This automation makes it possible for people to become aware of important, potentially life-changing opportunities they would otherwise miss. 


The origin of the EvaluSys concept is a business evaluation service offered by Level Management Partners, Inc., a management consulting business based in Charlotte, NC. EvaluSys was initially developed to automate that business evaluation process and was launched in 2009.

In the years that followed, the evaluation process was proven to be valuable beyond the management consulting realm.  In 2012, the evaluation process was first used in a pure marketing capacity to qualify sales leads.  The evaluation tools provided the foundation for a series of workshops smartly designed around the evaluation results of its participants.  Finally in 2014, the Evaluation Platform was made accessible to anyone with the desire to automate a discovery process of their own design.

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