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  EvaluSys Business Evaluation™ Process

This online demonstration of the EvaluSys Business Owner Portal and the EvaluSys Business Evaluation™ process will show how business owners can discover "key opportunities" to improve company performance.

Duration:  Less than 8 minutes

  EvaluSys Advisor Private Client Features   (registration required)

This online demonstration of key Private Client features of the EvaluSys Business Advisor Portal shows how consultants can utilize the EvaluSys Business Evaluation™ process to help clients uncover ideas to drive improved business results through adoption of management best practices.

Duration:  Less than 10 minutes

  Adding New Private Clients

This online demonstration follows on the Private Client Features demo (above), showing how new clients or prospects are established as new Advisor Private Clients on the Business Advisor Portal.

Duration:  Less than 5 minutes

"EvaluSys has been designed from the ground up to be easy, convenient, and a compelling value for owners of small and mid-market businesses."
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