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New EvaluSys Features for Larger Firms

(Charlotte, NC)  February 16, 2012 - EvaluSys has released new features improving the diagnostic experience with larger businesses.  EvaluSys Release 3.7 launched on February 12th allows Advisors to delegate responsibility for responding to diagnostic questioning across a client's management team.

This new capability improves the diagnostic experience for both Advisors and their clients.  Clients may now have each member of their executive team handle diagnostics relevant to their functional area.  For example, the CFO can be assigned the Financial Planning & Control diagnostic; the HR head can handle the Human Resources and Management / Supervision diagnostics; the Marketing executive can handle the Marketing diagnostic, and so on.

The new ability to delegate diagnostic responsibility helps Advisors by compressing the time required to complete the diagnostic process for larger clients.  This allows the Advisor to more quickly understand client needs and challenges across the broad spectrum of management disciplines addressed by the EvaluSys Business Evaluation™ process.

Release 3.7 also includes a reporting enhancement frequently requested by Advisor members.  Advisors will now be able to generate Evaluation Reports for selected chapters rather than simply produce a comprehensive report each time.  This aids Advisors who counsel their clients on one functional diagnostic chapter at a time and prefer to deliver an Evaluation Report containing results for only the area being addressed.

About EvaluSys®

EvaluSys offers its fully-hosted online diagnostic technology to businesses needing to collect and analyze information revealing critical customer needs. The EvaluSys Business Evaluation™, the first application of EvaluSys diagnostic technology, may be licensed by management consultants, private equity groups, other business advisors and stakeholders to automate discovery of growth opportunities in their small and mid-market client businesses. For more information, visit www.EvaluSys.com.



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