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EvaluSys Provides New Marketing Tools for Advisors

(Charlotte, NC)  April 20, 2011 - EvaluSys announces development of a free offering to expose business owners and prospective advisory clients to new possibilities for value creation and the need for deeper examination of their management processes.

The Business Evaluation Primer™ will tap into selected content from the broad collection of management process diagnostics found in the full EvaluSys Business Evaluation™.  This "Primer" evaluation will help business leaders become familiar with EvaluSys diagnostic solutions and begin to understand how ineffective or missing management processes may be impacting their company's future prospects.

Business coaches, management consultants, private equity groups and other members of the EvaluSys Business Advisor community will be able to employ the Primer as an integral part of their marketing efforts.  Advisors will use social media, web, email and other marketing channels to direct business leaders through the Primer evaluation.  If management weaknesses are detected, those issues will be described along with any recommendations for a more intensive diagnostic process administered by the referring business advisor.  As a prospective advisory client, the business executive will view a brief profile of the advisory firm and be provided with multiple options to connect with the advisor for additional information and support.  

The Primer evaluation represents a unique, easy and effective way for business advisors to offer prospective clients a free, personalized, educational diagnostic experience to create awareness of the possible need to improve management practices, and to expose those prospects to their advisory service offerings.  The content of the Primer evaluation will be reviewed by the EvaluSys advisor member community in preparation for an official launch the first week of May 2011.  Special informational webinars have been scheduled to introduce the Primer evaluation to current and future EvaluSys members over the coming weeks. Visit the EvaluSys Events page to register for one of those special webinar events.

About EvaluSys®

EvaluSys offers its fully-hosted online diagnostic technology to businesses needing to collect and analyze information revealing critical customer needs. The EvaluSys Business Evaluation™, the first application of EvaluSys diagnostic technology, may be licensed by management consultants, private equity groups, other business advisors and stakeholders to automate discovery of growth opportunities in their small and mid-market client businesses. For more information, visit www.EvaluSys.com


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