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EvaluSys Announces Launch of Advisor Registration Features

(Charlotte, NC)  May 2, 2008 - EvaluSys is pleased to announce the successful launch of the Advisor Registration features of the EvaluSys Business Advisor Portal. These features allow business experts the ability to register for EvaluSys Advisor membership to take advantage of the "First-5" promotion.
The "First-5" promotion will reward the first five (5) paid Advisor Members in each of the twenty-five (25) management verticals with up to $2,000 in EvaluSys service credit. For more information on the promotion, visit EvaluSys.com.

To register for Advisor membership, visit EvaluSys.com/Register.

EvaluSys uses its proprietary technology to deliver customized management insights to business owners in the form of an online business evaluation. Once the evaluation process helps a business owner to discover key opportunities for business improvement, an exciting by-product of this automation is the ability to connect those business owners with local experts who can help them realize the benefit of those improvements. In this way, EvaluSys offers business experts in all management disciplines a source for highly qualified prospects.

To learn more about the value EvaluSys brings to business advisors, register to participate in an upcoming free webinar by visiting EvaluSys.com/Events. For other recent news about EvaluSys, visit EvaluSys.com/News.

EvaluSys helps small business owners discover gaps in management process or capability, defines the strategic and tactical implications of those gaps to the success of their business, and connects them with qualified local business experts who specialize in helping companies like theirs fill such gaps toward improving company performance and business owner success.   For more information, visit EvaluSys.com. 



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