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Small Business Makeover - Charlotte

(Charlotte, NC)  May 12, 2011 - The City of Charlotte is doing its part to celebrate National Small Business Week (May 16-20, 2011) by coordinating a variety of events supporting Charlotte-area small businesses.  A featured event is named "Extreme Makeover: Small Business Edition".

An EvaluSys Business Advisor Member, MLC Group LLC (www.mlc-clarity.com), is kicking off the small business makeover on May 16th by utilizing the EvaluSys Business Evaluation™ as the foundation for their review of the makeover winner’s management practices.  Given that MLC Group and each of the other service providers are limited by contest rules to 15 hours of pro-bono services, they will use the diagnostic process as a means to accelerate their learning of the current situation and possible opportunities for beneficial change.  EvaluSys is proudly donating its services to the makeover project.

MLC Group will also be sharing appropriate chapters of the EvaluSys Business Evaluation results with Wray Ward (Marketing chapter), Reznick Group (Financial Planning & Control chapter), KRS Consulting (Sales chapter) and The Employer’s Association (Human Resources and Management/Supervision chapters).  Their hope is that having the EvaluSys results as a starting point may accelerate their efforts to achieve the City of Charlotte’s goal "to help enhance [the makeover winner’s] business operations and better position the business for growth."

MLC Group will be recommending the use of the new EvaluSys Business Evaluation Primer™ to those companies who are not the fortunate makeover winner. While the “Primer” evaluation does not set out to reveal specific business improvement ideas like the full Business Evaluation does, it (the Primer) will serve to identify which areas of management may warrant closer examination.

You can find more information on how MLC Group uses the Primer on their website at mlc-clarity.com/diagnostic-services.


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