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New Innovation Diagnostic Is Available

(Charlotte, NC)  June 13, 2012 - A new diagnostic chapter examining the product and service innovation processes and capabilities for mid-market and smaller firms has been launched and is available for immediate use at EvaluSys.com.

As with any new Business Evaluation diagnostic chapter, the new Product/Service Innovation diagnostic is available for use by all current Business Owner Members at no additional cost.  For Advisor Members, the new Innovation diagnostic is now a new selection you can enable for any of your existing Private Clients.  To use the new diagnostic with a client, simply access the Settings option from the Client Profile and select the Product/Service Innovation chapter from the list of all available Business Evaluation chapters.  Press the "Next" button, then "Save" on the following page and Product/Service Innovation will then be visible on the Evaluation Navigator page for that client.

Product/Service Innovation has also been integrated into the Business Evaluation "Primer".  Advisor Members use the Primer as a quick and easy way to identify clients or prospects who could benefit greatly from a deeper examination using the new Innovation diagnostic or any of the many diagnostic chapters available as part of the full Business Evaluation process.

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About EvaluSys®

EvaluSys offers its fully-hosted online diagnostic technology to businesses needing to collect and analyze information revealing critical customer needs. The EvaluSys Business Evaluation™, the first application of EvaluSys diagnostic technology, may be licensed by management consultants, exit planning advisors, private equity groups, other business advisors and stakeholders to automate discovery of growth opportunities in their small and mid-market client businesses. For more information, visit www.EvaluSys.com.



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