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EvaluSys Celebrates First Anniversary

(Charlotte, NC)  July 6, 2010 - July 6th marks the completion of the first year of full EvaluSys operations, and we're proud of all we've accomplished over these 12 months. We also would like to thank all of those "early adopters" who recognized the value of EvaluSys and helped us to work out the kinks. We head into year two with great confidence, an outstanding product, and a rapidly growing membership base.

Our second year of operations brings with it a number of exciting changes, and two important ones are described below. Please read on!

New Owner Member Pricing

Since the beginning, our community of Advisor Members overwhelmingly praised the quality and depth of the diagnostic content making up the EvaluSys Business Evaluation process. As these accomplished business consultants and coaches gained hands-on experience with EvaluSys, the feedback has been that our Owner Membership pricing does not reflect the value created for business owners. Now that we are celebrating the start of our second year of operations, we are taking steps to bring our Owner Membership pricing more into alignment with the "Valuable Insight for Smart Business" EvaluSys delivers.

Effective July 20, 2010, the Business Owner Membership Fee will be increased to $1,480. As in the past, the fee will permit business owners to access all of our current and future diagnostic chapters on a one-time basis. The pricing of Advisor Client License Fees remains unchanged. Members of our Authorized Distributor network will receive notification of pricing changes in the coming days.

New Advisor Features Released July 3rd

When Advisor Members login to the Business Advisor Portal, the Advisor Dashboard (Home Page) now allows immediate access to the information needed to quickly manage valuable interactions with clients and track overall progress in driving value creation for both client and consultant. The online Private Client Demonstration now highlights the new features. Click here to view the Private Client Demonstration. You may also view a screenshot of the new page at EvaluSys.com.

A host of other improvements were made reflecting our commitment to a superior online experience for all our members. We appreciate all our members who shared their thoughts and ideas by using the "Feedback" option found in the lower right corner of each screen.

EvaluSys helps business owners discover gaps in management process or capability, and helps business advisors and advisory firms effectively reveal the needs of client and prospects.  Whether business owners utilize EvaluSys independently or through a trusted advisor, they will learn new ways to improve company performance through improved management practices.   For more information, visit www.EvaluSys.com


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