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 About the Workshop Series

The EvaluSys Insight & Advice Workshop Series™ provides business owners with the unique opportunity to experience the EvaluSys Business Evaluation™ process to receive valuable business insights in a moderated session.  Local business experts will be on hand to provide practical advice and lead roundtable discussions on how businesses address the business challenges exposed through Evaluation diagnostics.

  The Insight & Advice Workshop™ Process

The EvaluSys Business Evaluation™ is organized into "chapters", each focusing on a particular area of business management (e.g. Marketing, Business Planning).  Each Workshop will focus on two or more Evaluation chapters, and will feature a local EvaluSys Business Advisor Member to address the group and lead discussion within their area of expertise.

Participating business owners will bring their Wi-Fi equipped laptop computers to the Workshop.  The venue for the Workshop will provide Wi-Fi Internet access to allow participants to login to EvaluSys simulateneously and take the designated chapters of the Evaluation.

Workshop Process

For each Evaluation chapter covered, the Workshop agenda will set aside 20 minutes for participants to answer each of the diagnostic questions for their own business.  The Workshop Moderator will access a special EvaluSys Workshop Chapter Summary for a real-time display of the top-5 most common business issues, or "key opportunities", uncovered by chapter diagnostics across all Workshop participants.  The featured EvaluSys Business Advisor Member will then lead a discussion on each of the top-5 business issues, describing how business owners can attack and overcome those issues.

While each participant will be accessing their own EvaluSys Business Evaluation™ and viewing their own personal results, the focus of discussion will be based on the aggregate results across all participants and not on the Evaluation results one any one participant.  If desired, participants can arrange a one-on-one meeting with the Business Advisor to review and discuss their individual results.

 Workshop Pricing & Registration

The Workshop Series will be held in multiple locations across the country.  Participant fees may vary by location.  Standard pricing will include the cost of an EvaluSys Business Owner Membership and existing members will be able to register at a discounted price.

The number of Workshop participants is limited, and the maximum number may vary by location.  All participants must complete their registration at least two (2) business days prior to the scheduled Workshop event.  To ensure the privacy of each participant's results, each Workshop must have a minimum of five (5) confirmed participants by the close of registration or the Workshop will be rescheduled to a later date and registration will be extended.

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