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Could your advisory firm benefit from integrating EvaluSys into your client engagement processes?  Here are some examples of how various advisory businesses benefit from EvaluSys:

  Management Consulting Firms

Use EvaluSys diagnostics to perform a disciplined, consistent review of client management processes as a cost-effective discovery process.  Capture evaluation results for use in proposal generation.  Integrate proprietary diagnostic content to direct greater focus on the firm's core competency areas.

  Business Coaches

Leverage our broad evaluation content to help your client establish a strong list of action items for improved performance and future growth.  Help clients review and prioritize resulting action items.  Hold business leaders accountable for proper planning and timely completion of actions critical to meeting performance objectives.

  Small Business Bankers

Introduce the EvaluSys Business Evaluation process to your business banking customers to help them recognize opportunities to improve management practices and foster growth.  A well-managed and growing business banking client presents increasing revenue opportunities and reduced credit risk.

  Executive Peer Groups

EvaluSys diagnostics offer a source for self-help ideas to improve management practices for peer group members.   Use EvaluSys Private Client Services to consolidate evaluation results across the peer group and identify the most common issues for group discussion and education.

  Private Equity Firms

Potential clients are asked to complete the diagnostics as an initial benchmark of present management processes and challenges.  Candidates who are willing to submit to this affordable evaluation process are more likely to be serious candidates who are committed to growing their business. 

  Business Brokers / Investment Bankers

Identify potential opportunities to upgrade management processes to improve financial performance and generate value to maximize valuation of marketed businesses.   Establish a long-term relationship with prospective clients by mentoring them through the business evaluation process.

  Technology Services Firms

Expose key business challenges faced by your clients and prospects by sponsoring or subsidizing their access to the EvaluSys Business Evaluation process.  Meet with them to review their key business improvement opportunities and brainstorm ways technology can help address those opportunities.

  Business Process Outsourcers

Utilize targeted diagnostics to uncover current process weaknesses where outsourced services offer a quick and comprehensive solution.

  Local Business Advisor Networks

Allow EvaluSys to serve as an automated referral engine for participating area advisors.  Diagnostic results identify business owner needs and provide visibility to subscribed network advisors who are available for assistance.  When business owners decide to take action and request help, highly qualified leads are generated.

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"Use EvaluSys diagnostics to examine the management practices and processes of your existing and prospective clients to reveal potential opportunities."
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