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Business Wellness Advisor Networks™ (BWAN) are groups of consultants, business advisors, banks, attorneys, CPAs and other professional services firms who collaborate to improve the performance, profitability and overall health and wellness of middle market and small businesses.

The collaboration of network members is directed by a local EvaluSys® Business Advisor member who uses the EvaluSys Business Wellness Checkup™ and Business Wellness Diagnostic Series™ evaluation tools to reveal critical needs and performance improvement opportunities of local businesses.  By combining the efficiencies of online evaluation tools with the expertise of BWAN members, clients can quickly learn where improvements can be made and receive expert guidance to meet or exceed their performance improvement goals.

The EvaluSys Business Advisor member plays the role of Network Manager, facilitating diagnostic examination of businesses introduced to the BWAN program by network members.  The Network Manager also determines the makeup and qualifications of network members and establishes the protocols by which network members interact with clients and with other network members.

Since EvaluSys business evaluations will typically uncover a wealth of performance improvement opportunities for each client, Network Managers may commonly be engaged by clients to assist in prioritization of performance improvement initiatives and coordination of implementation efforts.  Managers will fill the critical role of a Change Manager, helping to control the pace of organizational change and ensure the necessary communication and training occurs to foster a smooth and successful business transformation.

In addition to providing state-of-the-art business evaluation tools, EvaluSys provides Network Managers with:

  • Administrative tools to establish the network membership;
  • PayPal® integration to facilitate client payments to the Network Manager for evaluation services;
  • Tools to maintain BWAN performance metrics and automatically distribute metrics to members on a weekly basis;
  • Templates for Network Member Guides and client collateral;
  • Best-practices coaching to help the network create significant value for clients and network members.

If you are a seasoned management consultant or business advisor and would like to discuss creating a Business Wellness Advisor Network in your community, please click here to contact EvaluSys Member Services.

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