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An article published in June 14, 2013 edition of Forbes titled "4 Steps to Building A Compelling Value Proposition", Forbes Contributor Michael Skok speaks to the process of forging a value proposition for a business.  Michael explains that your value proposition defines the problem you solve and why you are distinctly better than the alternatives.  

EvaluSys believes that the better your understand the specific problems or unique needs of a prospect, the easier it is to articulate your value proposition in a way that resonates with that prospect.  Using EvaluSys automation, a well crafted evaluation will:
  • Ask great questions to pinpoint the specific problem or need; and,
  • Use that information to tailor a response framing your value proposition around that prospect's unique situation.
The earlier in the process that you are able to establish yourself as a great solution provider for their unique needs, the easier it will be to close the sale.  And with the automated evaluation model, your questions and resulting value reinforcing feedback is ready whenever the prospect is.

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