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As a strategic alliance partner to The Entrepreneurship Institute, EvaluSys evaluation tools have long been used by the Institute as a prime source of information on key challenges faced by attendees of their educational forums held across the United States.  CEOs attending those events appreciate the highly relevant content, ensuring a high return on their investment of time spent at TEI events.

In April 2014, TEI joined with Level Management Partners to create a Business Wellness Workshop in Charlotte, NC.  A post-event survey of participating CEOs identified that 100% of attendees would recommend the workshop to others and would like to see additional diagnostic-based workshops offered in the future.  Both TEI and Level Management Partners recognize that the more your know about your audience before the event, the better you can prepare a compelling and highly valuable experience for your participants.

Whether your mission is to help CEOs be more successful entrepreneurs or something completely different, asking event registrants to run through a brief evaluation in advance of your program will:
  • Get participants thinking about the subject matter before the event;
  • Give you relevant data about your audience to share during the event;
  • Give you the option of creating event materials personalized for each attendee;
  • Provide an opportunity for post-event discussion of evaluation results with each participant.

As an EvaluSys Evaluation Author member, you are able to develop evaluation tools to enrich events you already offer, or use evaluation tools as the foundation for entirely new events designed to leverage the personalization enabled by the evaluation event model. 

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