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EvaluSys has been developing business management evaluation tools for the EvaluSys Evaluation Platform™ since 2008.  Now EvaluSys members have the option to create their own evaluation tools reflecting their unique products or services!

Business Advisor members with an Evaluation Authoring option will be able to design their own evaluation tools and use them exclusively or in combination with EvaluSys Business Management evaluations.  Marketing & sales professionals who do not wish to license EvaluSys Business Management evaluations or utilize the Advisor Network Management features can become Evaluation Author members to develop their own collection of evaluation tools.

EvaluSys evaluations are developed on the Evaluation Workbench.  As with all EvaluSys evaluations, good evaluation design always start with the end in mind.  The authoring process involves:
  • Establishing your list of "recommended actions";
  • Define qualifying scenarios for your recommended actions;
  • Determine the line of questioning needed to qualify each scenario;
  • Describe the implications of your recommendations and the benefits of taking action.

For those who may need assistance in developing custom evaluation content, EvaluSys offers fee-based professional services to simply get you started in the right direction or turn-key services if preferred.

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