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A group of Charlotte-area sales management consultants recently met to brainstorm ways to leverage some of the power of the EvaluSys Business Evaluation™ to help business leaders understand the enormous value of undertaking a diagnostic process before investing in business improvement projects.  
The consensus of that group of sales experts was to allow Advisors to present prospective clients with a list of the top sales management questions companies struggle over and offer them a "free answer" to those questions, drawing directly from the EvaluSys sales management diagnostic for that answer. The prospective client would then be presented with a customized list of options for the Advisor to help them take action to improve sales performance.

The Yt5A ("Your Top-5 Answer") Marketing Program is not limited only to the sales discipline. A parallel program is offered for marketing, human resources, executive leadership, financial planning & control, and any of the other management disciplines included within the EvaluSys Business Evaluation™. If you are a business management consultant/advisor and would like to participate in a pilot of this new marketing program, please register for the Yt5a Pilot by filling out the form below.

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