Drive Executive Peer Group
Focus via EvaluSys®

Executive Peer Groups serve an important role in the lives and success of business owners, and group facilitators are typically gifted at creating a safe environment for participants to share their experiences, both positive and negative.  These groups thrive when they address business challenges that all participants can relate to.

A most effective way to identify challenges common to group participants is using EvaluSys and the Business Wellness Diagnostic Series™ to reveal issues of common concern across a broad range of business topics/functions (see evaluation topics below).

Group Facilitators can use EvaluSys Workshop features to organize their groups and easily assign evaluations to be taken in advance of a group meeting.  EvaluSys aggregates the results and ranks recommended actions by the number of group participants experiencing each recommendation.  Evaluation results offer compelling round-table conversation, and advance knowledge of top issues in common allows Group Facilitators to schedule outside experts and target their program content.

For even greater impact, groups may use Goal Impact Analysis™ to go beyond issues in common and organize programming around issues of maximum impact and concern to group members.  Both Goal Impact Analysis™ and Workshop features are available under the Basic Advisor membership level.

Business Planning

Examines key management processes surrounding goal setting and the ability for the company to reliably achieve those goals.

Executive Leadership

Examines key skills and behaviors common to highly effective business leaders.

Financial Planning & Control

Examines key disciplines central to sound business financial management and financial risk management.

Human Resources

Examines a broad range of factors impacting your ability to achieve a stable and productive workforce for your business.

Management Supervision

Examines many key factors impacting the ability of your managers to maintain a happy and productive team.

Business Operations Quality

A valuable inspection of many key factors impacting your ability to establish and maintain reliable and efficient business processes within your company.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Examines key practices and processes central to maintaining a robust, efficient and dependable source for materials, services and other resources necessary to the operation of manufacturing/distribution/service companies.


Examines key practices and processes central to producing a robust and consistent flow of qualified prospects into a company's sales process.


Examines key practices and processes central to effective leadership and direction of a sales organization and individual sales professionals.

Product/Service Innovation

Examines key practices and processes central to maintaining a continual flow of new, innovative products and/or services.