Custom Evaluation Authoring

Evaluations within the Business Wellness Diagnostic Series™ are designed to examine general management practices common to most any business. Highly specialized industries commonly have very specific, unique operations and key performance drivers. Business Advisors serving such businesses can harness EvaluSys efficiencies by automating diagnostic examination with Custom Evaluation Authoring.

Design and configure the evaluation once, then use the evaluation with clients or prospects to:

  • Accelerate collection and identification of client / prospect needs and challenges
  • Develop a unique product / service around assessment of specialized business process / practices
  • Integrate with Value Growth Architecture™ for strategic growth planning for specialized industries

​Prospect Qualification

Is your sales team overwhelmed with unqualified leads, wasting valuable time meeting with people who are not candidates for your product / service?

Use EvaluSys Custom Evaluations to qualify prospects and automate that first conversation.

  • Learn if the person has a need you can fulfill;
  • Direct them to additional collateral;
  • Register them for relevant webinars;
  • Schedule a sales call armed with insights on the prospect's specific needs and the exact solutions to offer them.

Case Study #1

An international services company found their website was producing a huge volume of calls and emails from people who had no need for their service offerings.  Those inbound contacts were being distributed across their sales team, creating unrest among the team for needlessly distracting them from working on legitimate, commission-generating prospects.

To address this problem, the corporate sales chief hired a full-time person to screen all inbound website leads at a fully-loaded (salary, benefits, facilities, etc.) annual cost of nearly $80,000.  Factoring in expected turnover in these administrative positions, the cost would be substantially higher.

The cost of implementing an automated process, a Prospect Qualification tool using EvaluSys Custom Evaluations was over 80% less while also offering a more complete, consistent and timely solution.

If you'd like to discuss the benefit of a Prospect Qualification evaluation for your business, contact us.

Case Study #2

EvaluSys uses a Prospect Qualification evaluation for its own solutions entitled "Quick Quiz - What's in EvaluSys for You?".  This tool was first developed back in 2011 and has been routinely expanded as new EvaluSys services and solutions were added over the years.

Visit our Quick Quiz page for additional information and experience the Prospect Qualification process yourself!