Create Workshops Using EvaluSys®

Engage with communities of business owners using EvaluSys Business Evaluations as the foundation for highly valuable workshops.

Make workshops, seminars and webinars incredibly engaging for current and prospective clients by ensuring program content targets the needs and challenges of each individual participant.  Gather valuable insight about each participant and aggregate that information to understand issues common to all.  Refine program agenda topics and recruit subject-matter specialists to deliver the information the audience needs the most.

Select an evaluation from the Business Wellness Diagnostic Series™ (see below) relevant to your workshop topic, or choose the Business Wellness Checkup™ for broad coverage.  Business Wellness Workshops™ have proven to deliver a great workshop experience over the years.

Participants should complete their evaluation in advance of the workshop date.  Use EvaluSys to summarize evaluation results and determine the common issues to be featured in the workshop.  This guarantees a meaningful and highly relevant workshop experience for every participant.

After the workshop, schedule one-on-one meetings with participants to dive into their individual evaluation results and develop an action plan to address critical needs.

All you need is a Basic-level EvaluSys Advisor Membership to create your own workshop!

Business Planning

Examines key management processes surrounding goal setting and the ability for the company to reliably achieve those goals.

Executive Leadership

Examines key skills and behaviors common to highly effective business leaders.

Financial Planning & Control

Examines key disciplines central to sound business financial management and financial risk management.

Human Resources

Examines a broad range of factors impacting your ability to achieve a stable and productive workforce for your business.

Management Supervision

Examines many key factors impacting the ability of your managers to maintain a happy and productive team.

Business Operations Quality

A valuable inspection of many key factors impacting your ability to establish and maintain reliable and efficient business processes within your company.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Examines key practices and processes central to maintaining a robust, efficient and dependable source for materials, services and other resources necessary to the operation of manufacturing/distribution/service companies.


Examines key practices and processes central to producing a robust and consistent flow of qualified prospects into a company's sales process.


Examines key practices and processes central to effective leadership and direction of a sales organization and individual sales professionals.

Product/Service Innovation

Examines key practices and processes central to maintaining a continual flow of new, innovative products and/or services.