Content Contribution Program

EvaluSys evaluations are designed by industry/functional specialists with deep knowledge and experience in the particular subject matter.  These talented experts are engaged by EvaluSys as part of our Content Contribution Program.

>> Do you have a specialized expertise? 
>> Would you like to help us build a state-of-the-art evaluation?

Evaluation Content Contributors are compensated for their time spent designing and testing/validating evaluations, although their primary motivation is always a strong desire to use the resulting evaluations as part of their own consulting/advisory practice.  Seasoned EvaluSys evaluation designers offer continual support and guidance to EvaluSys Content Contributors to ensure resulting evaluations are of the highest quality.

EvaluSys evaluations are outstanding tools to automate discovery and reduce the time-to-value for business advisors and consultants.  These tools help advisors achieve the learning normally resulting from the first one or two client/prospect meetings.  They ask the essential questions and formulate initial conclusions about recommended actions to improve company performance.

Would that kind of automation help you serve your clients better and make your advisory practice more scalable?

EvaluSys has a great foundation of evaluation content, but we're always eager to add to our library.  Examples:

  • Company Culture
  • Risk Management
  • Safety & Security
  • Information/Data Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Effective Communication
  • Internet Marketing
  • Employee Benefits
  • Facilities Management & Planning

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