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    • Say Goodbye to One & Done Client Engagements
    • Earn $20k/month More per Advisor Across Your Client Portfolio

    Reveal performance gaps, assess goal impacts and build a

    Value Growth Architecturefor middle market businesses

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  • Make issues actionable with GOAL IMPACT ANALYSIS™

    Document key goals, assess impact of diagnosed issues, and prioritize action by Goal Impact Score.
  • Evaluation tools make for engaging workshops

    Evaluations make workshop content highly relevant to the audience and offer post-event engagement opportunities.
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  • Large, growing library of business evaluation content

    The Business Wellness Diagnostic Series™ examines management practices in a wide variety of functional disciplines foundational to all industries.

EvaluSys® offers a sophisticated, easy to use platform of online tools helping Fractional COOs / CFOs / EOS Integrators and other consultants develop more business, improve service delivery efficiency and scalability, and guide clients to improve the profitability and enterprise value of their companies.

EvaluSys helps you educate and engage prospective clients, and then discover and prioritize necessary actions to achieve growth goals for client business owners and leadership teams.  This generates incredible value for your clients and offers you a virtually limitless supply of value-added projects to increase your revenue volume and predictability.

You'll build new, deeper and longer client engagements and create greater value for those clients and end up earning $20k/month more per advisor across your client portfolio

Our Business Wellness Diagnostic Series™ requires hardly any time for you and only around 15 minutes (each assigned evaluation) for your client.  Still, this collection of online business diagnostic tools exposes hidden problems limiting performance and growth for your client.

Your client's business has 100s of problems.  EvaluSys helps you identify the 1-3 top issues that will increase revenue, decrease cost, and maximize their valuation. 

Who is EvaluSys For?

EvaluSys is for B2B professional services firms who: 

  • Look for client performance improvement and value growth across the entire organization, not just one business function.
  • Serve businesses with annual revenue of $5mm - $150mm.
  • Are driven to significantly grow revenue and profitability of their advisory practice.
  • Seek to measure longevity of their client engagements in years instead of weeks or months.

Examples include:

  • Fractional COO / CFO Firms
  • Fractional EOS Integrators
  • Experienced EOS Implementers
  • Executive Peer Groups
  • CPA Firms with Business Advisory Practices
  • Business Exit Planners (with a value growth orientation)
  • Management Consulting Firms
  • Business Coaching Organizations

Many hundreds of companies and their advisors have benefitted from the EvaluSys experience since our launch in 2009.  How will you and your clients benefit?  Schedule a 45-minute Discovery Call below to find out!

What They Are Saying About EvaluSys®

Business Advisors

  • "EvaluSys system and diagnostic process are incredibly good and accurate. A million dollars' worth of insight for a handful of change. I have used it on various clients and the results have been overwhelming!"
    Lin Giralt, Consultant, CMC, ICMCI Academic Fellow, IMGB Green Belt

  • "A S.W.O.T.  analysis on steroids"!
    Nick Whitney - EOS Implementer

  • "So often you don't know what you don't know. If you don't do [EvaluSys], I don't think you're going to know what you necessarily missed." 
    John Merrill - EOS Integrator

Business Owners / Clients

  • "The [EvaluSys] process forces the business owner to face some rather harsh realities that the business faces."
    Dan Hooks - Party Reflections, Inc.

  • "Tom has developed what I consider to be the "Killer App" in the area of business evaluation and process improvement for the Business Owner.  I highly recommend EvaluSys to any business owner who is searching for ways to improve both top and bottom-line results." 
    Patrick Pettengill - Argus Recruitment Solutions

  • "Ran my company through an EvaluSys Checkup.  A little daunting to take such a clear look at our systems management but greatly appreciated and enlightening."
    J. Patrick George - Heartwood Tree Service LLC

EvaluSys EOS® Pilot Results

EvaluSys has been encouraging EOS Integrators and Implementors to experience the impact EvaluSys can have for EOS companies.

In this short video, EvaluSys CEO Tom Bixby interviews two Pilot participants, one Implementer and one Integrator, who share their own experience and the benefits their clients received through EvaluSys.

EOS is a registered trademark of EOS Worldwide (www.EOSWorldwide.com).

Featured Member: 
Brian Snodgrass

The EvaluSys Business Advisor Interview Series features the great work EvaluSys members do for their clients.  In this episode, Brian Snodgrass of Nitro Supply Chain Solutions talks about current supply chain challenges and the important role EvaluSys plays in his business, and for his clients.

Brian is one of our Content Contribution Partners, and the designer of our Supply Chain & Logistic evaluation.


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