Design a Value Growth Architecture™ for Your Portfolio

What is Value Growth Architecture?

Most management teams have ideas on how to grow their company. As their financial partners, how can you help the team make optimal decisions investing in and prioritizing growth initiatives?

Which ideas will produce value growth the fastest? Which ideas will grow EBITDA? Will the ideas improve the predictability of future cash flow (Quality of Earnings) and drive valuation multiples higher when positioning the business for sale?

Value Growth Architecture addresses these questions with a disciplined, collaborative platform integrating the efforts of P/E Partners, portfolio company operators and outside professionals in the fields of finance, law, business management and operations improvement, human capital optimization and change leadership.

Process Automation by EvaluSys®

Value Growth Architecture (VGA) offers a disciplined approach to identifying actions representing the building blocks of enterprise value growth. The estimated value contribution of each recommended action is quantified, allowing for planning and prioritization of the targeted investments needed to achieve value growth objectives.

VGA tools are integrated within the EvaluSys® business evaluation platform, permitting use of a complete collection of business management process assessments revealing potential value enhancing actions to jump start the planning process.

Bird's Eye View of Portfolio Growth Initiatives

Planning for value growth ideally begins during the deal phase, using Value Growth Architecture to develop the investment thesis and inform deal pricing while establishing action plans for post-acquisition integration and rapid value acceleration.

Once VGA Growth Action Plans have been established for each portfolio company, EvaluSys will present P/E Partners with a dashboard highlighting active growth initiatives, applied growth capital and projected portfolio growth if initiatives are executed successfully.