Business Exit Planning with EvaluSys®

Are you a Business Exit Planner?  An advisor or consultant to business owners and need an assessment to help your clients take stock of just how "exit ready" they are, personally and professionally?

In 2012, EvaluSys brought together four experts to consider the most important factors impacting business exit success.

  • A recognized Exit Planning Expert (Co-Founder of the Exit Planning Institute®)
  • An Investment Banker
  • A Wealth Manager
  • An M&A Attorney

This amazing team came up with 31 critical factors influencing a successful exit, with nearly half focused on business factors and half on the personal side.  These 31 factors serve as the foundation for the EvaluSys Exit Planning Evaluation, a diagnostic tool available for licensing by all EvaluSys Business Advisor members.

Selected elements of the Exit Planning Evaluation are incorporated into the Business Wellness Checkup™, making it especially easy for EvaluSys members to identify whether the Exit Planning Evaluation would be worthwhile for a client or prospect, and if there may also be potential management process improvements that would drive business value upward prior to exit.