Marketing Using The
Business Wellness Checkup

EvaluSys provides a free Business Wellness Checkup for use as an extension of your advisory services marketing activities.

The Business Wellness Checkup evaluation has been designed to explore selected elements of each of the core Business Wellness Diagnostic Series™ evaluations and determine whether the prospect is likely to receive valuable insight through closer inspection using other evaluation modules.

By incorporating the Business Wellness Checkup into your marketing activities, you will:

  • Have a free, value-added service to offer consulting prospects as a way to introduce them to a diagnostic process;
  • Help prospects quickly recognize areas for management improvement;
  • Inspire them to invest in your diagnostic solutions to drive business value growth.

Each evaluation within the Business Wellness Diagnostic Series™ may also be used as part of your marketing programs, and modest licensing costs make this a great option for advisors looking for a more focused initial examination.

For example, Investment Bankers, Business Brokers, Wealth Managers and others involved in helping clients prepare and execute a business exit would use the Exit Planning Checkup as an introduction to their service offerings. Leadership Coaches may use the Executive Leadership Checkup. CPAs and Fractional CFOs may use the Financial Planning & Control Checkup.

In each case, the other Business Wellness Diagnostic Series™ evaluations provide a great follow on option to help drive company performance and value growth for your clients.

The Business Wellness Checkup will direct only qualified prospects back to your firm for further information and assistance. As such, the Wellness Checkup becomes an integral part of your marketing effort at no cost to you or the prospective consulting client.

Click the link below to experience the Wellness Checkup as if you were a prospective client being referred to take the evaluation by an EvaluSys Business Advisor member.