Business Management Evaluations

Since 2009, EvaluSys has enlisted the knowledge and practical experience of dozens of business experts to develop evaluation content reflecting critical management issues encountered with their clients.

Use these evaluations to collect valuable insights driving business performance and enterprise value.

Business Planning

Examines key management processes surrounding goal setting and the ability for the company to reliably achieve those goals.

Executive Leadership

Examines key skills and behaviors common to highly effective business leaders.

Financial Planning & Control

Examines key disciplines central to sound business financial management and financial risk management.

Human Resources

Examines a broad range of factors impacting your ability to achieve a stable and productive workforce for your business.

Management Supervision

Examines many key factors impacting the ability of your managers to maintain a happy and productive team.

Business Operations Quality

A valuable inspection of many key factors impacting your ability to establish and maintain reliable and efficient business processes within your company.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Examines key practices and processes central to maintaining a robust, efficient and dependable source for materials, services and other resources necessary to the operation of manufacturing/distribution/service companies.


Examines key practices and processes central to producing a robust and consistent flow of qualified prospects into a company's sales process.


Examines key practices and processes central to effective leadership and direction of a sales organization and individual sales professionals.

Product/Service Innovation

Examines key practices and processes central to maintaining a continual flow of new, innovative products and/or services.

A holistic introductory examination touching on key elements of each evaluation within the Business Wellness Diagnostic Series™.

The Business Wellness Checkup will identify broad functional areas of management warranting a closer look, and is commonly used with new or prospective advisory clients as a means to "get acquainted".

Click the link below to experience the Wellness Checkup as if you were a prospective client being referred to take the evaluation by an EvaluSys Business Advisor member.

Examines a multitude of factors influencing a successful business ownership transition, including essential preparations for both the business owner(s) and the company operations.
Designed in collaboration with a Founder of the Exit Planning Institute, an M&A Attorney, a Wealth Planner and an Investment Banker, this evaluation excels at assessing the exit readiness of a business.

Engagement Readiness Evaluation

This evaluation was designed by a practicing psychologist to help advisors and prospective clients identify individual characteristics that may impact their working relationship and contribute to the success of a project.

The evaluation is intended to help prospective clients:

Obtain a better sense of whether the advisor is a good fit for them;
Gain increased clarity about how they can best work with the advisor;
Avoid surprises by identifying which aspects of the project could potentially feel more challenging than others.
The evaluation is intended to help advisors:

Gain insight about how a project might prove particularly challenging for the client;
Have productive conversations with clients about how best to work together.

​​Content Contribution Program

EvaluSys evaluations are designed by industry/functional specialists with deep knowledge and experience in the particular subject matter. 

These talented experts are engaged by EvaluSys as part of our Content Contribution Program.

Would you like to partner with us to design new, specialized evaluations?