Goal Impact Analysis

The Business Wellness Diagnostic Series™ does an incredible job delivering valuable insight for SMART business.  That insight becomes valuable when it leads to action.

Business owners will take action when they come to realize the impact and urgency of issues revealed through the evaluation process.  Fortunately EvaluSys offers two options to achieve this realization:
  • Value Growth Architecture™, and
  • Goal Impact Analysis
Coaching Goal Setting

Value Growth Architecture (VGA) is a finance-forward strategic planning methodology, leading to the creation of a multi-year Value Growth Action Plan prioritized by Value Return-On-Investment and a host of other essential metrics.  VGA typically requires professional hands-on facilitation by outside advisors trained in VGA methods, and is available only at the Value Growth Architect™ membership level.

Goal Impact Analysis (GIA) helps business owners assess for themselves how diagnosed issues might impact their most important business and personal goals.  The GIA process benefits greatly from outside coaching, but the analysis is performed largely by the business owner, relying on their own perception of goal impact.  GIA is available to business advisors at all EvaluSys membership levels.

The outcome of Goal Impact Analysis is a prioritized list of business issues ordered by Goal Impact Score.

The Goal Impact Score is composite score reflecting the Owner's own assessment of the degree to which the business issue may interfere with achievement of one or more stated goals.

The GIA process is conceptually simple, although it requires substantial introspection on the Owner's part.  This also presents an excellent opportunity for coaching and/or leadership team collaboration.

The GIA process can be facilitated on an individual client basis or in a group workshop setting.  When used in a group setting, EvaluSys offers aggregate reporting identifying the most impactful issues across group members.

Watch a recent webinar recording where EvaluSys Founder and CEO, Tom Bixby, provides a demonstration of Goal Impact Analysis and Workshop features.