EvaluSys EOS® Pilot

Enjoy complimentary access to experience EvaluSys with an EOS client company.

EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) is a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs around the world get what they want from their businesses.  (Source: EOSWorldwide.com)

EOS establishes discipline and accountability within companies to improve goal attainment.  If you are an EOS Implementer/Integrator, you're tasked with guiding businesses through challenges to achieve their growth goals.  But how often do you come across a tool that can truly amplify your impact?

EvaluSys® is an online platform of diagnostic tools used by business advisors to identify weaknesses in client company management practices, together with planning tools to assess urgency/priority of action to address those weaknesses.

EvaluSys is proving to be a highly valuable tool for EOS Implementers and Integrators to use with their clients, exposing hidden business issues using the Business Wellness Diagnostic Series™ and rating action urgency using our Goal Impact Analysis™ solution.

EvaluSys will reveal dozens of hidden issues likely to:
  • Interfere with an EOS company's ability to achieve their Quarterly Rocks.
  • Severely impact financial performance and growth potential and might be established as new Quarterly Rocks.
  • Add robust content to Issues Lists, making your quarterly IDS process far more impactful to company success.

The EvaluSys EOS® Pilot

EvaluSys began organizing an EvaluSys EOS Pilot Program in August 2023, offering complimentary access to EvaluSys diagnostics and Goal Impact Analysis for EOS professionals to experience with one EOS client company.  Our business management diagnostics and planning tools have been transformative for EOS companies.

Nick Whitney, a Charlotte NC based EOS Implementer was the first to join the Pilot Program.  On September 8th, 2023, Nick shared his initial results and feedback via LinkedIn post:

There's magic when data pairs with intuition! In a recent session with a client, we combined hard facts with insight to find new issues for our Issues List. Using EvaluSys LLC, we systematically identified and prioritized the Issues impacting their Quarterly Rocks the most. Excited to employ this approach next session for setting our new Rocks. A big shout-out to Tom Bixby for sharing this potent tool, an asset for leadership teams seeking to shine light into their blind spots.
Nick Whitney, Charlotte, NC (via LinkedIn)

Learn more about the EvaluSys EOS Pilot experiences of Nick Whitney and EOS Integrator John Merrill by viewing the EvaluSys EOS Pilot Experience video.

The EvaluSys EOS Pilot will only be offered for a limited time, to a limited number of EOS professionals. 

If you are an EOS Implementer or Integrator, please let us know of your interest in joining the EvaluSys EOS Pilot Program by submitting the form below.  You'll be contacted to schedule a brief call to discuss the program and answer any questions you may have.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.  We hope you'll enjoy experiencing EvaluSys as part of the Pilot team!

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