Build Referral Networks

Organize your referral partners into expert networks, using the Business Wellness Checkup and other evaluations to qualify referrals to network members.

Incentivize network members to share EvaluSys links with business owners, enabling all members to feed opportunity to each other.

Examples of functional experts commonly incorporated into Referral Networks are shown below:


CFO-level leaders ensure sound finance, accounting, internal control, management reporting and other essential management discipline.


Process quality and efficiency experts, LEAN / Six-Sigma Black Belts, and other operations management talent.


CIO-level leadership, technology strategy, IT governance, ERP selection and implementation, IT outsourcing strategy, Cloud deployment, and more.

Human Capital

Employee engagement, talent management, H/R organization development, team building, corporate culture, compliance assessment.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy development, customer engagement, customer experience design, Internet marketing, PR, advertising.

Sales Process

Executive sales management leadership, sales process consultants, sales compensation analysts, and sales training and coaching.

Product/Service Innovation

Examines key practices and processes central to maintaining a continual flow of new, innovative products and/or services.


Business Law, Employment Law, Trust, Mergers & Acquisitions, Risk Management.

Investment Banking

Mergers & Acquisitions, Recapitalization

Commercial Banking

Capital, Treasury/Cash Management

Advisor Network Administration is a feature available as part of the Value Growth Architect membership plan. 

Built-in tools are integrated into EvaluSys to track referral actions & promote network engagement.