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June 24, 2012 12:21 PM Comment(s) By Tom Bixby

Two key concerns common to CPA firms are client retention and having consistent and diverse revenue streams. For many, introducing business advisory services is a solution to both concerns. Yet many firms are slow to adopt these new services because they are uncomfortable transitioning to the "Trusted Business Advisor (TBA)" role with clients.

In a May 2012 article in the Journal of Accountancy (click to read), AICPA's Lindsey Ferguson lists many benefits of becoming a TBA, including improved relationships, client referrals, consistent revenue and more.  Lindsey also speaks to the challenges associated with transitioning to the TBA role.

At EvaluSys, we help CPA firms successfully transition to the TBA role by providing diagnostic tools to identify and describe critical management issues impacting client business performance. Our suite of fully hosted management diagnostics will expose a broad spectrum of advisory service needs ranging from Business Exit readiness to Product / Service Innovation. EvaluSys opens up a whole new channel for engaging and retaining business clients, driving advisory services growth while minimizing selling costs.

When used as an integrated part of your client engagement process, EvaluSys will help you:
  • Ask the right questions to reveal critical business issues impacting client profitability and goal achievement
  • Maintain a consistent and repeatable discovery process to ensure a outstanding client experience
  • Become a vital partner in your client's future success
  • Uncover important client needs you can satisfy directly or indirectly through your network of referral partner

The diagnostic tools offered by EvaluSys help CPA firms make the transition from tax and accounting service provider to trusted advisor easily by using the Business Wellness Checkup™ to identify general areas of improvement opportunity.
  • Simple set up - even simpler to use with clients
  • BWC serves as the conversation starter
  • Diagnostic results serve as a call-to-action for clients
  • Natural progression into deeper diagnostic examination as a billable advisory service.

If you would like more information about EvaluSys diagnostic tools and how they can help a CPA firm transition to a trusted advisor role, please visit EvaluSys.com.

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