New Supply Chain & Logistics Evaluation Released

December 31, 2022 11:22 AM Comment(s) By Tom Bixby

EvaluSys is proud to announce the release of a new core evaluation covering Supply Chain & Logistics Management, extending the Business Wellness Diagnostic Series™ to cover a function critical to successful operation of manufacturing, distribution and many service companies.

This marks the second new evaluation launched in 2022 under the EvaluSys Content Contribution Program, and the first new core evaluation released since the Product/Service Innovation evaluation was released in June 2012.

As with all Business Wellness Diagnostic Series evaluations, the new Supply Chain & Logistics evaluation has been integrated within the Business Wellness Checkup, which is available for use by all EvaluSys Business Advisor members with no additional licensing costs.

The Business Wellness Checkup is designed for use by advisors as a conversation starter with business owners, offering a valuable surface-level examination of management practices across a broad range of business functions.  Due to the vital importance of early, effective planning for an eventual business exit, elements of the EvaluSys Exit Planning evaluation have also been included within the Business Wellness Checkup.  

Business Wellness Checkup
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