Expanding the EvaluSys EOS® Pilot Program

September 11, 2023 05:05 PM Comment(s) By Tom Bixby

Outstanding early results has led EvaluSys to expand our EOS® Pilot Program, offering EOS Implementers and Integrators free access to use the EvaluSys Business Wellness Diagnostic Series and our Goal Impact Analysis solution with one (1) EOS client company.

There's magic when data pairs with intuition! In a recent session with a client, we combined hard facts with insight to find new issues for our Issues List. Using EvaluSys LLC, we systematically identified and prioritized the Issues impacting their Quarterly Rocks the most. Excited to employ this approach next session for setting our new Rocks. A big shout-out to Tom Bixby for sharing this potent tool, an asset for leadership teams seeking to shine light into their blind spots.

For a limited time, EOS professionals can seek admittance to the EOS Pilot.  Click the button below to learn more.

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Tom Bixby

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