EvaluSys® offers a broad collection of online tools helping companies identify and address weaknesses in management practices preventing them from realizing their full potential.

Commonly employed by management consultants, business advisors & coaches with their clients, EvaluSys accelerates discovery of value drivers and organizes actions to achieve growth goals.

Process-Focused Business Management Evaluations

Reveal important process gaps in sales, marketing, finance, H/R and more, limiting business performance and growth.

Use individual modules within the Business Wellness Diagnostic Series™ for targeted examination or the entire series for a holistic picture of business management capability and process maturity.

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Custom Evaluation Authoring

Standard business evaluations address general management best practices.

Design and deploy your own unique evaluations reflecting special industries or advisory solutions.

Monetize your intellectual capital by collecting fees for evaluation usage.

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Value Growth Architecture™

Identify key building blocks of business value, define their value contributions and prioritize growth investment.

Use business evaluations to kick-start identifying value drivers.  Organize collaboration of experts to define specific growth actions and project how each action will build enterprise value.

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EvaluSys v5 - Easier and More Powerful

New user experience and advanced capabilities

EvaluSys Version 5 brings a graphic-rich, mobile friendly user interface, custom branding for business advisors, and Value Growth Architecture™ for Business Exit Planners and others seeking a disciplined process for building client company value.

Graphic-rich Experience

Easy-to-use, member-branded graphical interface for business advisors and clients.
Advisor Dashboard

Value Growth Architecture™

Value Growth Architecture offers a disciplined and efficient process to achieve enterprise value growth.
VGA Enterprise Value Growth Projection Learn More...

Advisor Membership Plans

Three levels of consulting technology

EvaluSys offers three tiers of consulting technology solutions, starting at an affordable $39 per month, per advisor1.  All plans allow for custom branding of the EvaluSys platform and reports reflecting your consulting / advisory practice.

Basic Advisor

» Enjoy unlimited use of the Business Wellness Checkup™ and license other evaluations from the Business Wellness Diagnostic Series™, educating and engaging prospective clients.

» Easily structure high-value workshops bringing groups of business owners together to learn ways to drive stronger, more predictable business results.

» These diagnostic evaluations automate discovery activities, greatly reducing the time between first meeting and client-value delivery.

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Evaluation Author

» Extend your collection of powerful evaluation tools by authoring your own unique business development or value accelerating evaluations.

» Use the EvaluSys Evaluation Workbench™ to design custom evaluations, hosted and seamlessly integrated with the Business Wellness Diagnostic Series™ on the EvaluSys cloud technology platform.

» Includes all Basic Advisor capabilities.

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Value Growth Architect™

» Become a Value Growth Architect and take your consulting services to the ultimate level of professionalism and value creation.

» Use EvaluSys technology to formalize your network of management subject-matter experts and deploy them as Growth Architects on client Value Growth Architecture engagements.

» Develop an interative 5-year Enterprise Value Growth projection, identifying how each recommended action will contribute to new earnings growth, earnings quality improvement and higher business value.

» Use the resulting collection of ROI metrics to prioritize action execution and generate a Value Growth Action Plan achieving value growth objectives.  Track execution of the plan and achievement of value growth goals.

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1 All membership plans include a monthly Membership Subscription Fee on a per-advisor basis.  Advanced membership plans include training, coaching and other benefits requiring a one-time Training Fee at time of registration.  Click the Compare Membership Plans button to view pricing details.